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JS June '24m

Every session @ 10am PT / 1pm ET / 7pm CEST


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JS June '24


About these webinars

This summer, join our experts in a choose-your-own-adventure series. For three days in June, we're helping you get started building AI apps with Weaviate's TypeScript client v3. Each session will follow the same format and will be customized to the focus framework for that session: Vue.js, React.js, or Angular.js

Spend some time with Daniel and Sebastian to learn how to:

  • Set up and initialize a database schema
  • Create an API to interact with your database
  • Generate and store vector embeddings
  • Integrate Weaviate into your preferred frontend framework
  • Interact with generative machine learning models from your client
  • Ship AI apps built in JavaScript to production 
JS June


Join our panelists for a discussion and demos


Sebastian Witalec

Head of Developer Relations, Weaviate

Sebastian is an expert in vector database technology. He is passionate about helping developers build and productize AI-based applications that take advantage of the latest cutting-edge developments in Machine Learning.


Daniel Phiri

Developer Advocate, Weaviate

Daniel is a Senior Developer Advocate at Weaviate - an open-source vector database. He spends a lot of his time curating music and writing (about) software. He is passionate about creating value through software online and working with developers.