On-demand webinar

Intro to Hybrid Search: Combining the power of keyword and vector search



About this webinar

Everything we do online starts with a search. An accurate and helpful search can make or break any company. Different search methods—like keyword search or vector search—allow us to provide accurate results to our users and customers, each with different advantages and disadvantages. But why choose when you could take advantage of both? That’s where hybrid search comes in. Join Victoria and Sebastian from Weaviate to explore the strengths of hybrid search in AI applications and how it’s implemented in Weaviate.

You will learn:

  • The advantages of combining keyword and vector search
  • How hybrid search is implemented in Weaviate
  • How to implement hybrid search in your application


Join our panelists for a discussion and Q&A


Victoria Slocum

Machine Learning Engineer, Weaviate

Victoria is a learning enthusiast working as a machine learning engineer at Weaviate. She enjoys creating engaging visuals to communicate complicated concepts, building applicational example projects, and sharing what she’s learning with the tech community. 

Sebastian Witalec_Headshot_Portrait_2

Sebastian Witalec

Head of Developer Relations, Weaviate

Sebastian is an expert in vector database technology. He is passionate about helping developers build and productize AI-based applications that take advantage of the latest cutting-edge developments in Machine Learning.